Sustainable experiences


Aulanko area is a unique, cultural-historical nature area – the pearl of Southern Finlands Lakelands – as we love to say! In addition to famous recreational area and lookout tower, Aulanko has also protected forest areas, such as Aulanko Nature Reserve and Sibelius Forest. Aulanko area is also part of Hämeenlinna National Urban Park (est. 2001, first in Finland).

Growing number of visitors each year, sports events and more and more versatile services for travelers makes it even more important for all of us to take care of sustainable traveling and protection of the diversity of our nature.

Also we here in Aulanko Outdoors want to do our best every day to offer sustainable experiences and add knowledge also to our customers to preserve this treasure of ours.


”In order for the tourism industry to respond to the changing demand and growth, the development must be sustainable. To help the tourism industry in Finland to adopt sustainable practices, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland -programme.”

We want to educate ourselves, we have the will to preserve and protect.

Towards responsible travel industry.


  • As wilderness guides and sports instructors we only want to offer you non motorized activities
  • We sort and recycle (plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, paper)
  • Air-source heat pumps and energy saver bulbs are changed to conference rooms
  • We buy needed services only from local entrepreneurs
  • When conference rooms and cottages are not in use, room temperature are lowered to minimum
  • We educate ourselves and are more than happy to guide also our customers to preserve the nature best possible way
  • Since 2017 we´ve collected trash from the nature and beaches many full skips (!)
  • We avoid using disposable cups/plates etc.
  • We do not use herbicides and for cleaning only ecological liquids are used
  • We avoid unnecessary printing and recycle e.g. maps if possible
  • We collect trash from the nature always when we see one and encourage also You to do so. (It would of course be best not to leave them there in a first place!)
  • We commit to do our best to fulfill international and national requirements and quality criteria for sustainable travel industry.